The Road to Emmaus – a model for church

READING: Luke 24:13-35


·         This story gives us a model of how to be church.

·         UP – worship, IN – discipleship, OUT – mission.

·         IN: The 2 disciples, who were probably Cleopas and his wife Mary, were confused and everything they thought they knew had been turned upside down. The setting sun was probably in their eyes and they didn’t recognise the stranger who joined them.

·         Discipleship is being on a journey where having questions is o.k.

·         Jesus pauses with them and helps unpack their situation, their grief and confusion.

·         He starts with Scripture, showing them how He has been present from the beginning and throughout history. He helps them understand that Israel is not to be released from suffering but through suffering, His suffering.

·         Discipleship involves journeying, pausing, questioning, recognising.

·         UP:  Worship. As they sit together, that moment when they recognise Jesus. “Their eyes were opened”(The same words used in Genesis of Adam and Eve)

·         Worship happens when we recognise that God is present, we realise who God is, the vastness of His love.

·         OUT: Mission just means taking my faith out from here and letting people know I have a faith by word or deed, by action or service.

·         When Jesus disappeared they could have stayed put but they rushed back to Jerusalem to share what had happened. If they hadn’t said anything, we wouldn’t be here now.

·         A church with just UP and IN is not complete.

·         As we consider all that forms part of All Saints, represented in the Annual Report, we need to ask “Does this enable us to engage in UP, IN, OUT?”





1.      Can you see the UP, IN, OUT model in operation at All Saints? Which areas might we need to focus on more?

2.      When you have questions or struggles on the discipleship journey where do you find you can go for help?

3.      Share as many ways as you can of worshipping God. What helps trigger worship for you?

4.      Look back over the last few weeks and help each other identify times when you have shared your faith by word, deed, action, service.