Notes for week beginning 27/5/19

Ideas to pick and mix!

1.     Psalm 8 – Wonder and amazement

Leader – you will need paper and pens for this activity.

Read the psalm, invite people to describe the images in their minds. Particularly notice the adjectives. Are there words about scale?

How do you feel as you listen to this passage being read?

There can be few people who haven’t gazed up into the night sky at some time in their life and wondered at the infinite dazzle of the stars. Yet the psalmist sees beyond the stars to the God who made them: his words praise the creator, not just creation. Star gazing is a rare treat for those who live in cities. The sky is dimmed by smog and light pollution.

Take a moment to pause and think about the enormity of the universe and the God who created and fills it. Choose one word to reflect back to God. Write this inside a star drawn on paper and place these together in the centre of the group. Read again v 1, 3, 4 and 9 as a prayer or use the prayer here:

God of the distant stars, help us to open our eyes and see your glory. Help us to live as people filled with wonder and amazement, so that we can pay full attention to the needs of your wonderful world. Amen

2.     Psalm 117 – Engaging in worship

Read Psalm 117.  Using the items brought to worship, as identified in last week’s notes, think about all the different ways you can worship God. Then do so!

·         With your voice (singing – perhaps in a different language?)

·         With your eyes (by looking at creation)

·         With your ears (listening to a song, poem, bible story, others)

·         With your feet (dancing, movement)

·         With your mind (by reflecting)

·         With your hands (clapping, making something for a gift/display?)

·         With your actions (being the best that you can be)

What is your favourite way to worship? Challenge – choose a different form of worshipping God.


Dear God, Thank you that there are so many different ways to worship you. However we are feeling, whatever we are doing; help us never to forget to worship you and to thank you for your love. Amen


3.     Review your worship

Thinking about young people and children – some questions to reflect on:

1.       Is it obvious that children and young people are wanted in this church? How?

2.       How welcome do children and young people feel in the Sunday service?

3.       How are our young people and children involved in the worshipping life and decision making of the church?

4.       What is there about worship here that would make a child or young person want to come back? Is there anything off-putting?


4.  Creating a service

Imagine this scenario:

Due to a devastating war, a new community has been established on a previously uninhabited island. The community has lived together for a while and you have discovered about 40 people of different ages who are Christians. There is one communal building on the island which is a large rectangular room.

You are starting from scratch and can create a time to worship God together in any way you like. What would you create? Think about what you are offering to God and reflect upon which traditions in worship, you choose to continue on the island and why that is important.

·         What would you include?

·         What should the room look like?

·         How should the time together be led (or not)?

·         How long should you meet for?

·         What should be the most important thing about worship?

·         What would you bring to the worship?

·         What sort of experience do you want people to have?

Finish with some ‘I wonder’ questions about the scenario:

I wonder what it felt like for the people on the island to worship alone (before)

I wonder why it was important for them to come together

I wonder what it felt like to worship with others after a long time without the opportunity

I wonder what God thinks about our worship service