Small Group Notes                                                                26.2.201


                                                THE TRANSFIGURATION

Reading: Matthew 17:1-9


Starter           Do pictures of biblical events help you or hinder your interpretation of the event?


Sermon Outline

            Katie showed a picture of the transfiguration with Jesus as a blaze of light. This included Moses and Elijah beside him.

The 3 disciples, Peter, James and John, (the brother of James,) were totally awestruck in one corner of the picture.

            (Both Moses and Elijah had died unconventionally, being taken up to heaven in a cloud.)

            Going up onto a mountain to worship was a long-standing tradition, with Moses being given the tablet of the Commandments and Elijah fleeing Queen Jezabel.

Moses represents Freedom, (from slavery.)

Elijah represents Faithfulness. (The voice that speaks out even when others do not.)

            When the 3 disciples go up the mountain with Jesus, they are awestruck with fear-driven awe. Implicit is a need to respond.

Peter wants to hang on to the moment. He is scared and it is likely that he feels his life rushing before him and wants to capture the moment.

            Katie shared her mountain top experience, that was both brilliant and scary. (It was the birth of her baby.)

Ours may be different experiences but will be something very memorable.

            A week before Jesus died, he asked,

            “Who am I?”

Peter declared, “You are the son of God.”

            He saw him standing between Moses representing freedom and Elijah, representing faithfulness.

Jesus is the suffering servant of God.

His father said, “This is my son whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”

            This is an exhortation that we should carry with us on the difficult days.


After this mountain top experience, Jesus and the disciples went down and back to the crowds, back into the thick of it.

            To each of us God asks who is Jesus.

            Jesus says “Do not be afraid.”

We should remember this encounter whilst coping with the ordinary and mundane of daily life.


Questions of application 

1          What is your mountain top experience?

2          Freedom and faithfulness are still very relevant to Christians. This can be discussed both on a world scale and/or a personal scale with the challenges they bring.

3          Assuming you have had your life rush before you, are there any particular experiences you feel you can share? How did this affect you?

4          Amidst the ordinary and mundane, how can we still listen to the voice of God?  What keeps us going?