Small Group Notes – 25th June 2017

Theme:  the Great Commission

Readings:  Matthew 28:16-20;  Acts 8: 26-40

Sermon Outline

Read the two Bible passages.

Jesus’ command, to the first apostles and to the church in each generation is: “Go, and make disciples of all nations” – but how do we do it?  (Top tips to make evangelism less scary.)

Questions of Application

1)     Could there be someone you see each week who is waiting for an invitation, as in the video clip we saw?

2)     Can you find a way to open yourself up to someone this week, to allow them to talk to you about their concerns or ask you about something they really want to know?

3)     Are you ready to respond to an invitation from someone who you wouldn’t normally feel you had much in common with?

4)     How can you let the Holy Spirit lead you in directions that you might not expect or even want to go?