21-10-18††††††††† PRAYERS OF LAMENT

Read Psalm 42

         How would you describe the psalmistís frame of mind?

         How does it change throughout the psalm?

         How do you deal with times when you feel low and life is hard?

You could try to express the emotions in this psalm in your own words or write a prayer based on it.


Read Luke 22: 39-46

         What does Jesusí prayer to his Father teach us about the nature of God?

         Jesus first asks the Father to take the cup from him, and then, a little while later, submits fully to his Fatherís work in the world. How might that example influence your pattern of prayer?

         Does the depth of this prayer and the context in which it is set have anything to say about our praying for minor matters? For example, should I pray for a car parking space when refugees are drowning in the sea?

         Luke presents an angel coming to strengthen Jesus. How have you been strengthened when praying?

         Even in his time of deepest anguish, Jesus expresses concern for his disciples and urges them (twice), in echoes of the Lordís Prayer, to pray that they will not come to the time of trial. How does Jesusí approach here helpfully challenge the possibility of being self-absorbed in prayer?

         Is anyone struggling at the moment and in need of prayer?