Small Group notes for May  20th 2018


Reading  Acts 2: 1-21




The Royal wedding, shown the day before on TV was seen by millions.

Was it pure chance that it was the day before Pentecost when Bishop Michael’s compelling address about the power of redemptive love was seen by millions?


Pentecost marks the day when all followers of Jesus are called to be involved.

It started on the road to Emmaus which was followed by Jesus’ appearance in the upper room when He told his followers to stay in the city, till  “My Father sends you power from on high.”  

Jesus had predicted this in Luke 24:45-49

The spirit gave Peter the ability to tell and share the scriptures with the invitation for his listeners to follow him.

As a result of the wind and fire bringing the gift of the speaking in tongues people from a variety of countries were both able to hear and understand what Peter was telling them.

At the end if Peter’s sermon, verse 42-47,   “All the believers were together….”


One bible commentator has said, “The book of Acts is open ended because the church today is still telling the story of Jesus.”  

      May we too be disciples who are telling the story of Jesus.





Next read:

Luke 24:45-49     and Acts 22-41  and then   Acts 2: 42-47

to put the sermon into context.

What strikes you about the chain of events?


Now we know more of the story of Acts, how do we see the significance of all the above bible readings?


Where have we been able to be part of the continuing story of the gospel?

What spiritual gift do you think would perhaps help you?


Where might we, as individuals or as a group, be able to be more of the story?


(This is also an introduction to The Formation of Holy Habits sermon series to come.)