Notes for week beginning 20/5/19

The kind of worship God desires


Amos 5: v 21-24

Micah 6: v 6 – 8

James 1: v27

Matt 6: v 1 -21


Have a large map of the world pinned up or on the floor, where people can easily access it. You may choose to have stories of persecuted or displaced Christians placed around the map ( CSW and the Barnabas fund may be useful places for information)

Encourage people to take a pin and to stick it into the map and pray for the Christians in that country who cannot meet for whatever reason. You may also want to pray for those in this country who are bullied or picked on for being a Christian, as well as for those who can’t meet to worship because of illness.

Questions to consider

1.       Reflect upon the whole life of the church at All Saints’. In what ways does worship pervade its life? When, where and how is worship expressed and experienced?

2.       If worship is about the things that we think are of worth, what does worship at All Saints’ reveal about the things that we value?

3.       The Bible warns against the worship of idols. Are there things in our church that may have become idols – they are not of central importance but are treated as essential ingredients of collective worship?

4.       How do we encourage children and families to feel part of the worship?

5.       What might be done to make collective worship more accessible for people of different ethnicities, cultures, ages and physical abilities?

6.       How do we ensure that those who prepare and lead acts of worship are fed themselves?

7.       How do we judge the quality of our worship? Are some people inhibited from fully participating because they feel under-qualified or inadequate?

8.       How can you help people to continue their worship seven days a week?


NB If you are meeting next week, ask people to bring something to worship with:

Eg a song/hymn, a beautiful picture, scene, a reading of some sort, a dance/movement, be creative using your hands etc