Welcome: Share something that has encouraged you recently- words of a song, a verse from the Bible, something said to you by someone or something that has happened.

Reading: Hebrews 10:11-25


Before the actual sermon Neil M. shared a picture he had whilst we were singing of Jesus walking through the Streets of Sheffield, arms wide open, with laughing eyes going from one person to another and saying, “Peace be with you! It will be alright.”

·         It is part of our DNA as Christians to see ourselves as part of the priesthood of all believers.

·         We might be working in situations that are really difficult and challenging.

·         Paul was writing a letter of encouragement to the Christians in Jerusalem because it seemed as if the church there had lost its way and their faith was ebbing away.

·         The Holy Spirit is at work throughout the world. God is doing something with his church today but no one is quite sure what is happening.

3 ways of coping with this disarray:

1.      A call to faith. We can navigate this world because we have Jesus. He intercedes constantly for us.

2.      A call to reality. Think about the world around us – social, political, intellectual pressures. Because of Jesus we can navigate these things as people of peace who listen, who can argue and stir things up but in a loving way, asking “What would Jesus do?”

3.      A call to mission. It’s not a case of thinking “When the going gets tough, head for the hills!” but holding the line and taking the battle to the enemy .Look to Jesus. It’s going to be O.K. We don’t know where we are going but we know we have a God who will not let us down, who is faithful in everything.

Advice from a 16th century Catholic thinker to “Just Be”. Faith should be as natural as breathing. Speak peace, be hospitable, be as God has created you to be where you are. The world is broken. It needs us to be salt and light.


1.      Read the passage and choose one verse which stands out for you.

2.      What examples can you think of where you can see the Holy Spirit at work in the world and in the church?

3.      Think of situations where asking “What would Jesus do?” has made a difference to how you have responded to a person or a situation.

4.      What encouragement can we take for All Saints from Neil’s sermon? What practical things can we do to encourage one another?