Week beginning 17th November 2019

House group questions



Reading: Acts 2:37-47


The theme of the service was to revisit Luke’s summary of the early church found at the beginning of Acts. We marked the official ending of the Holy Habits series which the church community has been looking at over the past 18 months.


Eighteen months previously I spoke about “Practising doing holy things until they become instinctive to us” and the congregation were asked to ponder the following three questions


1. Which habit challenged me the most?

2. What am I doing differently since we started this?

3. Do I have a story to tell about what God has done?


During the sermon Ali spoke about how the holy habits were key for us both individually and corporately and she encouraged the community to keep exploring and practising these.


So think about what you might take forward into this season of Advent and into the New Year. Can you set yourself a target and could you be accountable to the group for this? If you can, how might you do this?