Small group notes for October 15th       Katie Tupling


Reading   Ephesians 1: 15 – 23

Sermon Outline

Katie started her talk with a PowerPoint showing a map and pictures of Ephesus in modern day Turkey. The amphitheatre being the start of a riot as a result of silver smith Demetrius getting together with fellow smiths, pointing out that the business they were involved in was likely to be no more following Paul’s preaching that images made out of gold and silver were no gods at all and many of the Ephesians were turning to ‘The Way’. 


Paul who had been a persecutor of Christians and on his way to continue this persecution, met with Jesus on the road to Damascus where the eyes of his heart were opened to reveal who Jesus really was, but he was then physically blind until Ananias obeyed God’s call to visit Paul and pray over him.

Paul now has 14years of learning with the people he had previously persecuted. After this Paul started teaching and going on missionary journeys, ending with house arrest in Rome where he writes to encourage Christians.

Paul before his Damascus experience held the world view, not  Gods


Katie showed some ‘magic art’ images, which not everyone could see the image within the picture and then we had some other images to look at where we couldn’t agree on colours – green/grey, blue/black, white/pink illustrating how the world view changes with peoples interpretation.


Timothy, one of Paul’s helpers had the benefit of both his mother and grandmother having Christian faith. He would have observed them when growing up just like Harry (baby being baptised) would see how his parents and godparents behave, so that he might see and learn to follow Jesus and have God’s eyes to see what God has for him.


We need to have binocular vision to challenge how we see things:

·         A vision to know God better

·         A vision to have hope in all circumstances

·         A vision to see our calling in life

·         A vision to understand he offers us everything

·         A vision to offer him ourselves our lives.


Worshipping gathered in church and lived each day helps us to see things God’s way and to live out that truth.

A whole life vision with Jesus filling every part.



1.  Paul wrote to encourage. What encourages you?

2.  Are you able to remember the influences/ people which led to accepting Jesus as Saviour and Lord ?

3.  In verse 20-22 what do we learn about Christ?

4.  How would you change if your group prayed verses 17-19 for each other every week?

5.  Thinking of vision what is your vision for All Saints?