READING: Luke 24: 36-48


The whole of chapter 24 is Luke’s narrative of the resurrection.

v.1-12 The Empty Tomb;         v.13-35 The Road to Emmaus;

 v.36-48 Jesus appears to the disciples again in Jerusalem.

In this third section the focus is on Jesus showing that he was physically there, showing the marks on his hands and feet, eating fish, that he was alive and physically there though not completely of the physical world but of the spiritual world too.

There is a suggestion that stories of Jesus resurrection appearances are older than the story of the empty tomb. In the early days there was a belief that anything spiritual was great but the physical was not. (Gnosticism) As the stories were written down, Luke went to great pains to show that the spiritual and physical go together.

In the second part of the passage there is a commission, a continuation of what Jesus has already done.

Luke 4:16-19. His manifesto in the temple.   Luke 9. Jesus sends out the twelve.                Luke 10. Jesus sends out seventy.           Luke 24. He sends out everyone to preach repentance and forgiveness in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So what?

·         There is movement in the story from the empty tomb to encountering Jesus to moving out into the wider world.

·         We must not separate our spiritual lives and church from our daily lives.

·         We need to work this out both individually and as a community and aim to share the forgiveness and healing that Jesus gives.



1.      What did you notice in the Luke passage and did it raise any questions for you?

2.      Pick out some of the details from Luke 24 that give you confidence that Jesus was alive. Why do you think the disciples found it so difficult to believe? (v.41)

3.      Have there been any changes or encouragements recently on your frontline? How can the group pray for you?

4.      What is the relationship between your church life and your life at home, at work, in the community, in your leisure/hobbies?