SMALL GROUP NOTES                        14-1-18

Optional Icebreaker: When you get some good news, who is the first person you want to share it with? Why?

Reading: John 1:43-51

Talk:    Cartoons – Daffy Duck and Marvin the Alien – lightbulb moments when the penny drops and something suddenly makes sense.

Examples – suddenly “getting” long division, mastering clutch control.

Experts say that actually about 10,000 hours of practice or hard work lead up to these lightbulb moments or Epiphany moments.

What was Nathanael doing under the fig tree? The fig tree has symbolic meaning as a place of interaction between God and man. In Genesis, fig leaves were used by Adam and Eve to hide their shame. For the Israelites, sitting under a fig tree was a place of studying the scriptures, building up a relationship with God, wrestling with God, bringing all human needs desires and frustrations to him.

In Nathanael’s case we could imagine him asking,” How do I deal with the occupying force? Give me a sign that you are there.”

When Philip arrived, the “10,000” hours prepared Nathanael to accept that change could happen and go with him to meet Jesus.

Jesus already knew Nathanael, knew about the “10,000” hours of his questioning and longing and in v.49 Nathanael has his lightbulb moment and recognises who Jesus is.

Questions for us:

1. Are we collectively and individually putting in the 10,000 hours? Are we preparing for God to do something new?

2. Are we prepared to be challenged? Can anything good come from Totley? What is Jesus doing with us?

3. Are we prepared to act, to come from under the shade of the fig tree? Are we prepared to walk into the world and take what we have learned into our work places?

PREPARE         LISTEN             ACT