Icebreaker: Can you think of someone you have known like Ali’s “Amazon Aunt”?

Reading: John 15: 9-15


·        The act of remembering is important.

·        In remembering WW1 and WW2 it helps to hear the stories of individuals and Ali told us about Tom Fisher and Roy Milner, both young men from Totley who lost their lives in WW1.

·        In John 15 Jesus uses the picture of a vine and the vine grower and says he is the true vine. The disciples (and we) are to remain in his love and be fruitful.

·        In John 15: 13 Jesus speaks of the love that lays down one’s life for one’s friends, as He is about to do, showing his love for us.

·        He tells his disciples to love one another as He has loved them (us).

·        We should be faithful in remembering and telling his story.



1.     Read John 15: 9-15 and pick out all the commands Jesus gives to his disciples. How are they related to each other?

2.     Do you feel more like Jesus’ servant or his friend? What helps develop the friendship?

3.     What does Jesus say is the reason for these commands (v.11)? How does this fit with your experience?

4.     What is fruit that will last? Try to give some real examples.

5.     What could the group pray about for your “fruit bearing “this week?