Notes for week beginning 13/5/19


Reading Matt 6: v 1 -21

How we worship

Activity – now that’s what I call worship

This activity is an opportunity to say what you think about worship that you have experienced and to reflect upon what is important in Worship.


Thinking about our worship on Sunday

1.       List the different parts of the service

2.       In which parts did you feel most connected with God?

3.       Were there any parts of the service which distracted you from God?

4.       Do you think how you were feeling on the day affected your experience in the service?

5.       Did the number of people present make any difference to your experience of worship?

6.       What were your overall impressions of the worship service?

7.       If you had to pick one part of the service where you felt you were truly worshiping God, what would it be?


Read Psalm 100

Take time to slowly read through this short psalm – what strikes you?

·         What does it mean for you to delight in God? What helps you to do so?

·         How do you delight in God when faced by tragedy, difficulty or grief?

·         ‘God is good. Merciful love is the very heart of God’s being, and God is truly faithful.’ How helpful are these words in expressing your experience of God?

·         The psalm calls on all the earth to shout for joy. How does creation aid worship?

·         What is your experience of the worship of people from other parts of the world? How has it enriched your own worship?