Week Beginning 13th January 2020

Small Group Meeting Notes

Readings Isaiah 42:1-9 and Matthew 3:13-17


Read the two passages and consider the following questions.

1. What do you notice in the two passages?

2. What do you think John expected of Jesus? Focus on Matthew 13:14-15


In considering the passages and what these might mean for us, Tom Wright suggests that part of the challenge of this passage is to learn afresh to be surprised by Jesus. He comes to fulfil Godís plans, not ours[1],

3. How do we know, learn, discover what Godís plan is for those places we inhabit outside of this place?


The Isaiah passage reminds us that God is the source, of the plan, of the call and of the strength that we need and this calls us to spend time with God in Scripture and in prayer whilst accepting that this may look different for each other.

4. How does this look for you?


As Christians, we look to Jesus as the pattern of how we too should live and the Matthew passage, reminds us that Jesus identified himself with the people, that his was a way of vulnerability, and not one of strength and power.

5. What might identifying yourself with those around you look like?


On Facebook there was a photo of a ĎTo Doí list that said

This Year I want to be more like Jesus -

- Hang out with sinners

- Upset religious people

- Tell stories that make people think

- Choose unpopular friends

- Be kind, loving and merciful

- Take naps on boats

6. What would your list look like?

[1]††† Wright, Matthew for Everyone, Part 1 p.22