Notes from Remembrance Sunday 11.11.18


What is your earliest memory?


Today is a once in a lifetime event as 100 years ago today, at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of the 11th month, hostilities ceased in the 1st World War.

Over the past few years we have been commemorating the start and end of the war:

In 2014, 100 years after the outbreak of war, a public art installation at the Tower of London showed hundreds of thousands of ceramic poppies, each one representing someone killed during the conflict. Seeing the project built brought home the scale of the sacrifice.

This year Radio 4 has been running “Tommies” – in real time – 1 day of the war at a time

“Pages of the Sea” – art in the sand of various beaches around the country at low tide, depicting the faces of soldiers. As the tide washes the images away, it provided a chance for people to say ‘Good-bye’.

“Voices” from WW1 – relates the story of the war through the voices of people who experienced it. At the end they expressed disbelief that the war had ended, they wondered what would happen next and they were frightened about the future.

The disciples must have had similar feelings that Jesus wouldn’t be around. But He was leaving the Holy Spirit behind him, to help the disciples keep the commandments to Love God and love each other.

The Greek word for spirit has several meanings

 Helper – provides energy to keep going,

Comforter - to provide comfort, ease and security

Advocate – to speak out for someone else

The world wouldn’t recognise the Holy Spirit but the disciples would: we can do the same with the help of the Holy Spirit


1.       Reflecting on Sunday’s service, and commemorations countrywide, what does the ‘Act of Remembrance’ mean to you in today’s world?

Read John 14, v 15 -21

2.       What do you learn about the Holy Spirit in v 16 -17 (and further on in the chapter v 25 -27)

3.       How at home is the Holy Spirit in your life?

4.       Thinking of Ann’s prayers for peace on Sunday, on a scale of 1 to 10 (smooth sailing to ferocious storm) what is your peace quotient at the present time?

5.       Where (in which parts of your life/relationships etc) do you need Jesus’ peace?