Notes from Sunday 09.12.18


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


1 Timothy 6 v 12 - 16 and Luke 3 v 1 - 6


David Kereto 1st thanked All Saints’ congregation for our prayers and support whilst his father was missing and during the subsequent funeral.

Projects the church in Kenya is involved with:

·         Evangelism and church planting

·         Education especially rescued girls

·         Free medical services to 3 villages

These projects go alongside the preaching of the Gospel.

 1 Timothy – the passage speaks of a spiritual fight/warfare. At Christmas Jesus was born so He can take away sins. The moment you became a Christian, you began a fight.

The moment David became a Christian, the spirits he had been familiar with when practising witchcraft, turned against him. He knew that God would be there for him all the days of his life and that he didn’t belong to the Devil anymore. We can all enjoy God’s blessings.

In the passage, Paul is asking Timothy to keep fighting the good fight. The people he was visiting had fallen away from the true faith. Fighting is not easy. It is painful, dangerous, bloody.

Our enemies are not human but demonic – fighting us every minute in the spiritual world. They are very active.

Characteristics of the Devil:

1.       Very powerful – the world is in the power of the evil one.

2.       Weakens – uses power to weaken, not for good. Will stop us from growing in the Christian life.

3.       Cunning – he will ensure time seeps away so that we do not have time to pray, worship, read the Bible, work together. He works hard to destroy the Christian life.

The world is our enemy. We need to know our enemy:

1.       The devil – very active in Africa. Eg the man released from demons

2.       The world – so many things can take us away from God

3.       Ourselves – our physical nature is the enemy of the spiritual life.

We need to know our weapons:

1.       The Bible – reading the bible makes us strong

2.       Prayer – it is the work of the Devil to make sure we don’t have time to pray

3.       Faith – can help overcome the pressures of the Kingdom of darkness.



1.       Reflecting on Sunday’s service, what struck you most ? Was there anything which was new to you or made you think/feel differently ?

2.       David was very insistent that spiritual warfare is happening all the time. Do you agree?

3.       In your experience, what form might such spiritual warfare take?

4.       Do you have any practical ideas/thoughts on how to beat the devil when he robs us of the time etc we need to pray/read the Bible/praise God.