Notes for small groups           9-9-18

ICEBREAKER: Do you have special family traditions or foods that you eat at special times? What makes the meals special? Is there anything that you don’t enjoy about them?


·         What do you know about the Passover celebrations and the significance of unleavened bread?

Note – The upper room was often used by teachers or guests of the house.

Before reading Mark 14:12-31 each choose one of the characters from the story to focus on – one of the disciples who went ahead, Jesus, Peter or Judas.

Read the story, reflecting on how you would feel as the person you were focussing on.

·         What happened during the meal? Why were these things important? How do you think your character felt?

·         What did Jesus say about the bread and the wine and what do you think he meant?

·         What was your first experience of taking communion?

·         What do you remember about it?      Can you think of any especially meaningful occasion when you have taken communion?

Breaking Bread/Taking Communion

Breaking bread together seems to have been characteristic of the early Christian community. Read the following verses and consider whether it was always something special or often just sharing meals.

Acts 2:46; Acts20:7 and 11; Acts27:35

1 Corinthians 10:16; 11:24

·         Should blessing, breaking and sharing bread be ‘special’ or ordinary? Should this be a “holy habit” whenever we meet together?

·         Should Breaking Bread be exclusively reserved for the Christian community or did Jesus give bread to the disciples to distribute to everybody?