Small Group notes for October 8th                          Ali Creasey


Whole life Worship


Starter                       The service began with a short video of daily                               activities. In which do you feel it easiest to                          worship God?


Readings       Romans 12:1-2  and Matthew 22: 15-22


Service Outline       What is worship and how do we worship?

The C of E has various styles as was the case in the church in Rome in Paul’s time, with both Jewish and Gentile believers having different ideas.  Ro 1: 16-17.

Paul’s understanding of salvation in Ro 12: 1-2. This was the practical outline of Paul’s theology, (offering up your bodies as a personal sacrifice.)

Read this also in “The Message.”

To seek salvation, we need to be “ Jesus Focused and Baggage Losers.”

We worship because we belong to God. This should not be confined to a fixed time but encompass our whole lives. Both Jew and Gentile would have found this a new idea!

            In the passage set around the question of taxation Jesus highlights the importance of obedience to God. If coins with Caesar’s image belong to him, then human beings created in God’s image belong to God. (Oxford Bible Commentary.)

We worship because we belong to God. We worship because it is our response to the grace and mercy he has shown to us. This needs more than an hour or so once a week.

            To worship in the world around us, Timothy Kneller suggests a worldview; what human life should look like, but what has been knocked off balance and asks what can be done to put it right. He suggests that at work, people should all be viewed as created and formed and loved by God. Whilst some people can live in compartments, (church, work, etc.) Paul says all should be viewed as one; that all should be filled with worship.

He suggests that if the Gospel is a set of glasses through which we look at everything else in the world we can begin to understand worship in its fullest sense.

What happens in church should impact the world.

            “The meeting place is the training place for the market place.”   John Wimber

How will we apply this to the coming week?


Questions of application


1          In church which styles of worship do you most relate to?


2          In daily living, can worship and service be viewed as the same?


3          Regarding the following week, what things will you be doing that you will find easy to consider as acts of worship? What will you find hard? Consider Wimber’s quote, above.


4          If heaven were to come to earth, what would God’s people need to do to enable this?


Note to leaders. Take a copy of “The Message” to the meeting.