SMALL GROUP NOTES††††††††††††††††††††††† EPIPHANY††††††† 7-1-18

ICEBREAKER: Tell us about something God has done for you recently.

READING: Matthew 2: 1-12

Video clip from Bishop Steve:

Epiphany is a good time for us to look at what it means to offer our lives to God in worship, to renew the worship life of our parish, to worship well now so we are preparing to worship God for eternity.


Jesus was probably 18 months to two years old by the time the Wise Men saw him.

Why might they have taken so long to travel? Why might they have decided to make the journey? What might they have had to give up?

Do you think God likes us to worship him? Why? Can you worship Jesus every day or only in church? Why?

In the Christmas story we see different reactions to Jesus by the shepherds, the Wise Men and Herod.

Are you prepared to give up things to worship God? What might they be?

What are your gifts?



1. Ali asked lots of questions, talking directly to the children some of the time. Have another look at them and answer them for yourself.

2. How might we be able to renew the worship of our small groups as we meet together this year? What helps you to worship? Can you remember particular occasions when you have been aware of Godís presence as you have met together?

3. We used gift labels to offer our gifts to God. Looking back over last year, how has God used the gifts you have already offered him? (Other members of the group might help here!) Can you think of examples of gifts increasing by being used in Godís service? Do you have gifts that are not really being used?

4. What are you likely to be doing tomorrow? Pray for each other to be able to worship God through our daily activity.