Optional icebreaker: Has anything ever happened to you that nobody would believe? (e.g. Katie’s exploding can of coke)

Reading: John 20:24-29


·        Thomas is sometimes known as “Doubting Thomas” which seems harsh as Peter and John didn’t believe Mary when she told them that she had seen the risen Jesus until they had seen for themselves.

·        Pictures to look at and decide “Is it real?”

·        Video clip by The Skit Guys – “It’s hard to be judged for one mistake. He came to look for me, didn’t leave me in my doubt. I’m worth it. I’ll follow him for the rest of my life.”

·        Thomas wasn’t there when Jesus came to the disciples and refused to believe unless he had proof v.25.

·        Someone else’s experience is not enough and Jesus knew what Thomas needed v.27.

·        V.28 Thomas was the first to say that Jesus is God which would have been regarded as blasphemous.

·        Earlier, John 11:16, Thomas had been the one to say that they should go with Jesus to Jerusalem and die with him.

·        Jesus said that those who have not seen him (like us) and yet believed would be blessed.

·        We only know this because somebody told us and we have come to a place of belief.

·        If I tell 1 person and they believe and they tell 1 person and they believe and tell 1 person etc. it has been calculated that in 10 years the entire planet could believe.

·        We are blessed. Go and be a blessing this week and tell your story.



1.     What do you think was Jesus’ tone when speaking to Thomas?

2.     What do you find encouraging about this story? What did you think about The Skit Guys’ video clip?

3.     What is the closest you have come to going through what Thomas went through? What have you found helpful in dealing with doubts?

4.     Think about your own journey to faith. Was there one individual who told you about Jesus or a combination of things that brought you to a place of belief?

5.     Share any situations where you have been able to be a blessing to someone recently. Pray for each other and the people you would like to help to come to faith in Jesus.