6-1-19   The Visit of the Magi

Reading: Matthew 2:1-12



·                The Magi set off. They had been waiting and looking, then they did something.

·                We need to be following where Jesus is leading, not being static, not being stagnant, being on the move.


·                The Magi had one blip when they took their eyes off the ball with disastrous consequences. They went to the palace instead of continuing to follow the star. When they left, the star was still there. God was still there waiting.

·                We will make mistakes. God will deal with them.


·                The Magi encountered Jesus with a heart response (v. 10-11).

·                A Jesus follower has to have a relationship with Jesus – finding where God is and getting on with what He is doing.

·                Have a checklist in your head – how am I doing? Where is God in all this?



1.             Which part of Katie’s reflection did you find
a) most challenging and   
b) most encouraging?

2.             Can you give an example of making a mistake or getting things wrong and God dealing with it?

3.             Try and answer the checklist questions
a) as an individual and            
b) as a congregation at All Saints.

4.             How can we practically help and encourage each other to keep developing our relationship with Jesus?


Spend some time praying for one another and all at All Saints at the start of this new year and time of change, that our focus will be on finding where God is leading us and following him.