Small Group notes                                            5.2.201


                                    I AM THE GATE


Reading: John 10: 1- 15


Welcome: Have you a special gate?


Quiz showing photos of Gates

Kissing gate (Relationship)

Golden Gate (Crossing)

Gareth Gates (Personality)

Brandenburg Gate (Past and future.  A place of reconciliation.)

Watergate (Represents mistakes made by powerful people)

Bill Gates (Philanthropist.  Represents some of the 8% richest people owning 2/3rds of the world’s wealth. He gives away 92% of his.)

Traitors Gate (A barrier.)

Gates of the Pillars of the Kings (Defiant.)


There was a dramatic reading of the Gospel.


Then came a video presentation of the Gates of Dore.

            Gates do keep people out, but Jesus says come in through me.

Sam told the story of the shepherd and the lost sheep.

Kissing gates take you from one side to the other, a spiritual relationship.

The church gate is there to enter and allow people to ask Jesus to help.


Sermon Outline.

Jesus is the gate.

Sometimes gates keep bad things out, or allow its opening as a chance to explore. We can look at what God offers and wonder whether to go through even though we might know the theology. Possibly we wonder if we are old enough/ good enough etc but Jesus invites us all in to a place of love, justice and restoration.  


Questions of Application.

1          Jesus says, “I am your gate.”  What does this mean to you?

2          How can we continue to recognise the voice of the shepherd and avoid getting lost?

3          Jesus is our protector and defender.  If we believe we should emulate Him, what situations should we feel necessary to defend others?

4          Choose one of the gates from the quiz and discuss your view of its significance in our world today.