Small Group notes for February 4th 2018


Keeping Faith. The story of Daniel


Starter†††††††††† When has keeping faith been a challenge to you?


Reading†††††††† Daniel chapter 6. Though the actual reading was Bob Hartmanís version of a story of cupidity, (greed through gain,) stupidity, royalty, loyalty, ferocity, velocity bonhomie and gastronomy!


Summary††††† We can use knee pads, a helmet, or sword to help protect us. We need to trust that they will work. They will not if misused.


Daniel was one of the 20% of more skilled and intellectual Israelites taken captive by the Babylonians, probably 70 years earlier. During this time he and his people read the stories about God, prayed 3 times each day and gradually Daniel became the Kingís right hand man. The Babylonians did not like this and hence plotted and tricked the king into passing a law about worshipping him, resulting in Danielís capture and punishment. This was a challenge to Danielís faith; though he knew God to be trustworthy and true. However there is no guarantee to any of us that nothing bad will happen!




1        History often repeats itself. Obviously the Babylonians had forgotten Danielís earlier compatriots in the fiery furnace and another king. What lessons do we need to be reminded of in our walk with God? (As a church, a group or as an individual?)

2        A single chord is not as strong as a double or triple cord.† Are there some ways in which we can strengthen our faith and resolution, by linking with others?

3        How do we face our own lions?

4        This story has again shown us how our initial understanding of timescales in the bible may be inaccurate and thus affect our overall understanding of the total picture. You may like to comment on this. †††††††(Optional!)