Midweek small group Activity


This session builds on the theme of Sunday’s service. It focuses on Psalm 119 encouraging the members to consider this psalm tells us about the importance of biblical teaching?


Notes for Small Groups:


“Psalm 119 has a complex structure of 176 verses, arranged into 22 groups of eight verses. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and each of the groups is allocated one letter from this alphabet…” Alistair McGrath, One Volume Bible Commentary p.159


“This great acrostic consists of 22 stanzas of eight lines, each line beginning with the appropriate letter of the Hebrew alphabet” Barton & Muddiman, The Oxford Bible Commentary, p.398


“The basic theme of this great psalm is the wonder and greatness of the word of God. The word of God is seen as something which both demands and offers. It demands obedience and it offers promises of salvation and well-being.” Alistair McGrath, One Volume Bible Commentary p.159


Suggestions for Activities / Questions to reflect on: