Optional Icebreaker: When you were a child, what made you say, or at least think, “It’s not fair! ”

READING: Matthew 20: 1-16

What does this parable say to you about God and his kingdom?

Possible interpretations:

It is about salvation. A person becoming a Christian at the end of their life will be treated the same as someone who has been following Christ all their lives.

The Jews, who had been in relationship with God for generations, will have equal standing with Gentiles in God’s kingdom

It could be about abilities and inclusion. We all have different abilities and can work for different lengths of time.

This parable is linked with Peter’s question in Matthew 19: 27.

The first workers felt that they had been treated unfairly but Jesus emphasised that the landowner was being generous. He fulfilled his contractual obligation to the first workers but chose to give the same to all of them.

Some workers were hired at the 11th hour. They told the landowner that nobody wanted them. Jesus is looking for the people “out there”.

At All Saints many people have been following Jesus for a long time. Jesus’ gift of forgiveness is for all. We shouldn’t think “I have put more in so I should get more out”.

God is generous and asks us to be generous too.




1.      If you were one of the first workers, how would you have reacted to the landowner?

2.      What does this parable say to you about God and his kingdom?


Over the last few weeks we have been thinking about sharing resources-

our gifts, our time and our finances.

What have you found helpful or encouraging ?

What have you found difficult or challenging?

Is there anything you intend to do differently?


Have a look at the SHARE 40 CHALLENGE and see if you would like to try it.

Are there some practical ideas there which would be helpful in looking outward, even if you don’t do the whole challenge?