Mark 6:30-44  Jesus feeds the 5,000


·         Picture a small boy who still has his packed lunch which he offers. Jesus gives thanks and takes something inadequate and turns it into something special. He never turns anyone away.

·         After giving thanks Jesus breaks the bread. Change has to happen and there is growth. Change and growth go hand in hand.

·         Jesus shared generously – as the food went out it kept growing. God is more than generous and there was even food left over. He enables us to be generous to those around us.



Look at a selection of the verses below (everyone could read a different one) noting the stories in which they occur and what they have in common and where they differ.

Matthew 14:19; 15:36; 26:26

Mark 6:41; 8:6, 19; 14:22

Luke 9:16; 22:19; 24:30

Is Breaking Bread a sign of the kingdom or is it a memorial of Christ’s death?


Questions from the sermon

What encouragement do you take from the sermon?

What changes in your life can you look back on and recognise as being part of your growth in following Christ?

Are there any things we as individuals and as a church need to change to allow growth to happen?

Share ideas about how we could be generous on our frontlines in the next few days.