CELL NOTES 30/5/11 




Which leader (e.g.  world leader. local leader, church leader) do you particularly admire at the moment?




Paul to the leaders

Reading  1Tim 3 : 1 - 10    




1 There are over 20,000 different Christian denominations world wide. Whilst there are principles of church order and leadership in the Bible, there is no one blueprint pattern.

2 As from the reading, the key factor in a leader is character, rather than any specific ability or gift.

3 Bill Hybels' principle of choosing staff by character – chemistry (do we get on?) and finally charism (gifting).

4 The kingdom is demonstrated by character and behaviour – not by how we do things. This will be of special importance in the changing times ahead.

5 In that we are all role models, and affect the lives of others we are all leaders.

6 Contrast the impact of a “religious” person, whose character is off-putting, with a known Christian whose character is very attractive.

7 There is, though a necessary leadership exercised within the church, and at times this baton is to be handed on. Paul was aware of this ( see 2 Tim 4 ; 6 – 7 & 2Tim 2 : 2)

8 As we approach such a time it is especially important to cherish the qualities Paul refers to and encourage those who hold the baton.

9 “If you find the perfect church, do not join it, as you will spoil it.”

10 Love the church – “That ragbag of saints, sinners and fatheads.”

11 Be ware of external threats to the church (e.g. the case of Dr. Richard Scott) and internal – from dissension over minor matters, exaggerated devotion to a tradition etc.

12 Internal is often more damaging – and yet something we can do something about.

13 Love the church – don’t fault find, speak ill of it or its members. Love the body of Christ, look for a mentor and be an example for others. 




1) Read the passage. What hits toy most? What did the Lord say to you on Sunday? What will you do about it?

2 How do you feel about emphasising character as the most important aspect of a leader?

3 Whom do you currently influence, and who influences you?

4 How do you anticipate playing your part in the life of the church in the next 12 months?

5 When have you experienced particularly helpful leadership in your Christian life (e.g. from a friend, a cell leader, a church leader, in some other way)?