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The King of Glory

Reading : Psalm 24  

Begin by reading the psalm aloud as we did in the service


  1. This psalm is used at the beginning of Advent as we celebrate that God is King.
  2. The Children of Israel focussed on “The Lord is King” once a year and used this psalm as part of a procession with mounting excitement as they approached the city.
  3. v.1-2 God the Creator is sovereign  Everything in the world is his and he sustains it.
  4. v. 3 God is Holy.
  5. v.5 God’s blessing is not to be confused with human success. It has to do with enjoying God and living in his light.
  6. v.7-10 Mounting excitement.  The King of Glory will sweep all away before him. His complete victory is to come.
  7. In Advent we look beyond Christmas to Jesus’ return in glory and in Judgement. What impact does that have on our lives?
  8.  God cares about justice and holiness. (Story of Archbishop Romero)



1.     What is stressed about God in verses 7-10? What three names would you give God from this psalm?

2.     What impact does the belief that Jesus will return to judge and reign have on your day to day life?

3.     Michael spoke of God’s concern for justice. What injustices are you aware of? Are you able to do anything about them?