CELL NOTES 23/5/11†




What is your favourite day (or time) of the week?




Knowing who I am

Reading Psalm 139 : 13 - 18




In an all age service, there was not a distinct sermon. GoldDigger, led most of the ministry, speaking of their work with teenage girls, around issues of self-image and acceptance Ė a theme which is applicable to us all.


They emphasised


††††††††††† Each of us is special and unique

††††††††††† Comparing ourselves with others is never helpful

††††††††††† The huge pressures from the world around to conform to ungodly values and habits. This is especially true for teenagers, but a factor too for us all.







1) Read the whole of Psalm 139.

††††††††††† Does it raise any questions for you?

††††††††††† How does David feel about Godís total knowledge of him? How do you?

††††††††††† How may you apply the last 2 verses to your own life?


2) What does the Psalm say about your value to God? How do you feel about your value to God?


3) Do you ask God to check your motives, deeds and words? Does He correct you with an internal voice? How open are you to the feedback of others?


4) How prone are you to compare yourself to others?


5)† Each person to say one thought they will take away with them from this study.