CELL NOTES 22/9/08






What type of bread are you today? Fresh, mouldy, crusty, half-baked, rye, all natural, easy to butter up?





Reading John 6 : 25 - 35




1) Bread is a staple food – hence Jesus’ claim in v 35.


2) Jesus as the bread of life :-

            The key and sustenance for life’s journey

            Provides true satisfaction, and meets our deepest needs

            Enables us to make sense of life

            Will never fail those who genuinely seek help.


2) All the Jews would know the story of Moses and manna in the wilderness (Ex 16 : 1 – 23). How could God better that? Jesus said, “I am not just temporary provision in the wilderness, but permanent new life available to the whole world.”


3) Jesus offers real, permanent, universal satisfaction.


4) This raises important questions for us as individuals and a church :-

            What are our real needs, and how is Jesus meeting them?

            Are our goals and life really rooted in Jesus?

            How does he offer His satisfaction to others through us?       

            Have we just got a short term (temporary) perspective, or are we building for the long term?

            Are we concerned for all, or do we write some off, as individuals, as potential leaders?


5) Jesus  invites us to come rather than go. Whilst true belief inevitably leads to activity, the core is seeing in Jesus the One who will meet our deepest needs – not finding salvation via activity, but by being nourished by Jesus


6) Bread only does us good if we eat it!!






1) This week, what are the needs in your life of which you are most conscious? What might it mean practically to depend on Jesus to meet those needs?


2) How would you explain to a non-Christian what it means to have Jesus as the basis of your life?


3) How are we as a church, as a cell, effective in sharing the good news? How might we be more effective?


4) Bread only does us good if we eat it. In what ways do you give Jesus a chance to meet your deepest needs?