CELL NOTES 20/6/11 




What has been your most memorable summer holiday?   




The apostles’ teaching

Reading; 1Cor 13




1) 6 sweetest phrases in the English language.

2) We need uplifting words, but at a deeper level our lives are based on values and beliefs we consciously or unconsciously hold to.

3) These will include our beliefs about God. Is he real, does he care about me? Can I know Him? Will he affect my life?

4) This week’s E100 passages are from 4 of the apostles – all contemporaries of Jesus. Three knew Him personally, and Paul encountered Him after the His ascension, dramatically, on the Damascus road.

5) The passage refers to hope, faith and love – all huge factors in our experience of life.

6) Hope refers to our expectations and goals for the future, faith the people/forces that we base our lives on, and love is essential to our well-being.

7) We all know the huge significance of love, and yet we live in a world full of broken relationships and self-centred behaviour.

8) Read vv 4-7 substituting “I” for “Love” – what is your reaction?

9) 2Cor 5: 17-19 (from Paul’s later letter to the same church) emphasises our need to be reconciled with God, for us to receive and then share the love of Christ.

10) Who lived the life of love depicted in the reading? Who can transform our hearts to equip us to as well?   Only Jesus!   




1)  Read the passage. What strikes you most? What did the Lord say to you on Sunday?

2) What are you hoping for at the moment? How do you understand “hope” as in the passage?

3) In what ways have you been on the receiving end of love in the last month?

4) Do point 8 in the outline, in the group. What is your reaction to that?  Practically, how can you encourage the deeper growth of love in your life?

5) If somebody said to you “This idea of the love of God sounds all airy-fairy to me.” How would you respond to them?