CELL NOTES 18/7/11   




What has been your most memorable (for whatever reason) church experience in the last year?    




Called – Grow up – Be the Body

Reading; Eph 4 : 1 – 7 & 11 - 16    




1) On a day of farewells, it is right and proper to look back. But what really counts is how we grasp the future. The reading gives a manifesto for us all.

2) v1 speaks of us being called.  We are not who we are where we are by accident – God has a calling on all our lives.

3) You are called to know Him, become like Him, and fulfil your unique role in His body.

4)  As in v3 this is lived out by a combination of God’s work in us, and us “making every effort.” We need actively to grasp our calling.

5) v15 speaks of growing up. All life is a process with highs, lows and different stages. In it all we need to be spiritually reborn (as in John 3) so that we may grow up spiritually, as well as in other ways. The birth and the growth are equally important.

6)   As a child needs a good environment, and the development of healthy habits to grow, so do we in our walk with the Lord.

7) These include personal prayer, corporate worship, closer relationships via a cell group, being quick to forgive, slow to anger and eager to respond to the Holy Spirit.

8) vv 12 & 16 refer the Body of Christ.  God’s big idea was the church!!

9) Jesus came to open the way for peace and forgiveness at an individual level and then bind us together in a body.

10 ) Being in the body encourages the process of growing up and grasping our calling.

11) BUT God has a habit of putting us with people we would not choose and challenging our habits and assumptions.

12) 2 quotes about the church’s ability to challenge our consumerism and tendency to settle for comfort.

13) You have a season ticket and you are on the team!!

14) David’s dream of a community full of Christ, where the newcomer swiftly feels at home, members readily serve each other and don’t insist on their own way and a high level of commitment to the Lord and each other which overflows in compassion beyond the walls.




1) What hit you most on Sunday? Were you challenged/encouraged/uplifted? How?

2) What can you do to strengthen the three areas that were emphasised

            For yourself

            For your cell

            For All Saints as a whole?

3) Write a  letter to another cell, or another church fellowship?