CELL NOTES 11/7/11 




Can you recall an especially memorable (for whatever reason) shopping experience?




The Prophets

Reading; Isaiah 53 : 1 - 11 



1) Story of discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls.

2) The Great Isaiah Scroll . Dated approx. 100 BC (previous oldest about 1000 AD). Discrepancy between them amounts to one word, which does not change the meaning (See footnotes in NIV).

3) David’s conversation with a Jew.

4) The passage is about a servant (as in v11).

5) A servant is one who meets the needs, or enhances the life of others.

6) The impact of the life of the servant in the passage is huge – he provides peace, forgiveness and healing for those he serves – qualities so many yearn for yet find so elusive.

7) v8 refers to transgression – our personal wrong doing.

8) Why is the world in such a mess? We may suggest many things – but look n your heart (v6).

9) Stories of US preacher and telephone engineers.

10) v5 refers to peace – the inner quality so often destroyed by shame, past painful experiences etc.

11) The servant is Jesus – both God’s servant (sent by Him) and ours ( providing for us what nobody else could).

12) Christ came for us all – whether our lives appear to be trouble free, or full of difficulty.

13) v1 contains a question. How about you?



1) Read the passage. What hits you most? What did the Lord say to you on Sunday? What have you done about it?

2) What is most likely to threaten your peace? How real is the peace the Christ may bring to you? Is your life full of difficulty or trouble-free at the moment?

3) How do you feel about v6? How do you respond to others whom you feel have gone wrong / made big mistakes in their lives?  How would you explain v6 – both halves of it – to a non-believer?

4)  How have you managed with E100? Is there one matter hat stands out for you? If you have not managed to follow this scheme, what has God said to you through His Word in the last month?