CELL NOTES 10/11/08




What is the most dramatic “near death” experience you have ever had? E.g. An accident, illness, showing your parents a bad school report, seeing your pension disappear,




A soldier remembers

Reading; Luke 7 : 1-10




1) Good and difficult memories were recalled and brought forward.


2) The servant was unusually well treated and cherished by his master, and became critically ill.


3) The centurion was a respected man within both the army  and the Jewish community.. (He had built their synagogue, the remains of which can still be seen.)


4) He exhibited unusual faith and trust in Jesus. – as he clearly had powerfully remembered the reputation Jesus had.


5) Memory may have various impacts on us – sadness/joy, bitterness/reassurance, cynicism/faith.


6) Tom’s testimony re gratitude for Faith’s influence on his life in the past.


7) Story of Maximilian Kolbe.


8) Encouragement to use memory to act in faith, like the centurion.





 1) Read the passage. How would you describe the nature of the centurion’s faith?


2) Describe a time when you have “let go and let God.”


3) What do you do in your life at the moment which is based on faith – i.e. without faith you would tackle things differently?


4) Do you most readily recall good or difficult memories? How can you use your memory to feed your faith?