CELL NOTES 9/5/11 




In your teenage years, how did peer pressure affect the way you dressed and acted?    




Church Annual meeting – looking back and forwards.

Reading ; Romans 12: 1 - 21   




The sermon took the form of David’s annual report. Paper copies are available in church, and it can be listened to in the church website.


1) It is based on the metaphor of the body, as used in Romans 12, and a reflection on where we are as a church, and may be going, using the framework of :-


            Love God

            Love each other

            Love a broken world



2) Loving God  is something to be expressed in every aspect of our loves, and all that we do at All Saints seeks to encourage that.


3) But it is easy to become discouraged, and distracted in that – such that a love we once knew grows cold.


4) Committing ourselves to corporate worship, a cell meeting, and a determination to make these things a priority are vital in sustaining this in our lives.


5) But this is not a cold duty – it is based on the Lord’s love and delight in us  - as in Zephaniah 3 : 14 – 17


6) Loving each other is something that is, and has been, expressed in the life of All Saints in many wonderful ways.


7) As we all face change in the future it is so important to sustain this, especially if things are not done in the way we would choose etc. Jesus said that people would know we are His disciples by our love, not the way we do things!!


8) Eph 5 : 21


9) Loving a broken world involves practical care, and wider response to need around us. We referred to various aspects of life and ministry, but especially the place and work of the Youth Project – also going through a period of profound change.


10) The watchwords are , keep your eyes on Jesus, Love each other, and Use the gifts you have been given.





1) What especially struck you about the report on Sunday, or any other aspect of the service and meeting?


2) Do you fell that the Lord delights in you?


3) Is your love for Him growing or waning? How is this reflected in your life?


4) How easy do you find it to make Sunday worship and cell a priority? How much do you want to?


5) Which verse for Rom 12 speaks to you / challenges you the most?