What has been the best / worst / funniest moment for you over the last six weeks?





Reading;  Luke 4 : 38 – end




1) Event that happens at the beginning of Jesus, ministry. The culmination of a very active time.


2) After the baptism and temptations, Jesus returned to Nazareth, was initially well-received, but when His words were challenging, they tried to kill him. He expelled a demon in Capernaum, healed Peter’s mother-in-law, and many others, and then withdrew for personal prayer.


3) His summary of all this is v 43.


4) “Preaching the kingdom” is deeds, not just words (See John 3 : 2), and happened everywhere, not just in religious settings.


5) It refers to God’s rule(in people, relationships, situations, society) of love, mercy and grace instead of the alternative – Satan’s of brokenness bondage and misery.


6) We are to be agents of this kingdom ( See Luke 10 : 8-9) – as we pray in the Lord ’s Prayer.


7) Heaven is filled with confidence in God, and faith – in direct contrast to the scepticism and cynicism that often prevails in the world ( and the church!)


8) Examples of kingdom activity are Soul Survivor, the work of Trevor and Leah in Bosnia and the opportunity Alpha presents.





1)  How is the gospel good news for you?


2) If Jesus brought good news why did they try to kill Him?


3) How are you an agent of the kingdom? Where would you like to grow in this respect?


4) What is your reaction to the three examples in the message? Who can you invite to the Alpha banquet, or the course proper?