CELL NOTES        6-11-11



What is the main thing you have gained from this weekend?  


THEME  : Philippians 2:1-13.         Unity



1.      Conflict everywhere. In Europe at the moment – fear of letting anyone get above you. Conflict in family relationships.

2.      V.1-2 Paul’s call for unity. We need God’s resources – his love, encouragement and compassion.

3.      Real unity works from inside out and can start with one person. Unity in the church is vital if we are to be agents of reconciliation.

4.      V.3-4 Humility – choosing to make the other person more important than yourself.  Learning to see things from the other person’s point of view.

5.     Jesus is our pattern – willing to let go of his status, came to earth at the bottom of the social ladder, serving people.  When he reached rock bottom God raised him up and exalted him.(yoyo example, down first, then up)

6.     When we are sure of our identity in Christ we do not need to be defensive.  Jesus was sure of his identity and was able to absorb insult and attack without hitting back.




1.     What does it mean to consider someone “better than yourself” (v.3)? How does humility differ from being a doormat?

2.     Try to think of a situation of conflict you have been involved in. How did you handle it? Would you handle it differently in the light of this sermon?

3.     How does this passage challenge society’s definition of success?

4.     Do you find point 6 helpful? Are there situations you are facing at the moment where you would welcome prayer?