CELL NOTES 7/3/11 




When did you first encounter people or cultures from a different country or ethnic background?




Moses and the Exodus

Readings Ex 2: 1 – 10, 3: 1- 10 & 14: 10 - 14




1) Moses is a giant of the Bible – 1st 5 OT books associated with him, at transfiguration of Jesus, and appears in Hebrews 11. The 10 Commandments came via him. At least 2 general release films have been made about him.

2) Ex 2 describes his early life, he flees Egypt after being seen killing a man, becomes a shepherd and encounters God in Exodus 3. This leads to his return to Egypt, leading the people out after many confrontations with Pharoah, culminating in the Passover. After crossing the Red Sea, there is then a 40 year wander in the desert, during which the Law is given and the Tabernacle created. . He eventually dies on the edge of the Promised Land, passing the leadership to Joshua who would lead the occupation of Canaan (The Promised Land).

3) Historicity is debated. Albright in the 60’s and 70’s became increasingly convinced via archaeological evidence. Some recent scholars, using modern techniques are more sceptical. David R accepts the historical truth of the accounts, and the dating of around 1280 BC for the Exodus. More importantly, we need to expect God to speak to us today from these passages.

4) Moses was an unlikely candidate for such a huge leadership role – God often uses forgotten, unlikely people.

5) God initiated an encounter with Moses. He wants to encounter us and impact our lives. Are you open to that?

6) God used all the circumstances of Moses life to prepare him for his role – both apparently good and bad. He does the same in our lives.

7) The challenge described in the Ex 14 passage was a defining moment for Moses. There will be such moments for us all.




1) How did your childhood shape the way your adult life has developed?

2) When did you last encounter God in a significant way?

             through some life circumstance,

            at a Christian gathering,

            when you were alone,

            something else.

3) In what way have you recently been challenged to act in faith? What happened?

4) Where are you now in your journey of faith?

            Cocooned by your parents faith

            Out in the reeds waiting for something to happen

            Exposed to influences other than Christianity

            Growing as a Christian