CELL NOTES 7/2/11   




Where did you go the first time you moved away form home? How did you feel? 




A beloved son

Readings; Isaiah 61 : 1 – 3 & Mark 1 : 1 - 13




1) Update on current youth activity. Reference recent focus on prayer and mission. Joel referred to the encouraging initiative and leadership displayed by many of the older young people, and his pride in them.

2) It is hard to measure precise impact of the youth ministry – often much more to it than numbers of people at a function. Currently around 40% of regular members at activities do not have a church background.

3) Mk 1 : 11. Jesus had not at that point done anything, but the Father is pleased with Him. A word for us all. The Father is pleased with us, and proud of us irrespective of what we may or may not have done. Our feelings of not deserving this are irrelevant.

4) A primary Christian truth is that I am loved because God chooses to love me. The next thing that happened to Jesus was the temptations. One huge reason He was able to cope with that was His deep knowledge that He was loved by the Father.

5) Worldly way of finding security and identity is

Success > authority, power, respect > security . identity.

Biblical model is the reverse.

Identity > security > authority, power, respect > success.

6) Life is often painful and difficult. If we start with a secure identity in Christ, then we are much better able to handle failure, disappointment, pain etc.

7) The new kingdom Isaiah describes is one where we are, now, co-workers with Christ able to function with joy because of His love and who we are, rather than serving Him dourly, out of a sense of responsibility.




1) Read the passages. What hits you? What did the Lord say to you on Sunday?

2) Do you have a sense of serving the Lord? If so, what lies behind it – joyful freedom, sense of obligation / duty, something else?

3) Do you feel you deserve God’s love? Do you need to?

3) What does “repentance” mean to you? When has that been most significant in your life?

4) What would you like to hear God say to you?