CELL NOTES 6/6/11   




What has been your most memorable experience in prayer in the last month? (e.g. there was a clear answer, you felt God’s presence very strongly, you wanted to pray and found it very difficult, or something else)    




Waiting on God

Reading Acts 1 : 1 - 11    




1) We were led in an imaginative meditation on the Acts passage, imagining that we had been present .


2) How good are you at waiting?


3) The disciples were still coming to terms with the resurrection, when they were now present at another unique occasion, but are told to wait for the fulfilment of His promise.


4) Waiting implies waiting for – patience, and waiting on – service.


5) Both are necessary – then and now.




Rather than the usual questions of application, this week we will use this week as a special prayer week, along with many other churches in the diocese, observing the 10 days between Ascension (2nd June) and Pentecost (12th June) as 10 days of prayer.


The disciples effectively did this as recorded in Acts 1 :14


Below are some ideas. Please use or discard these as you feel able, or develop your evening of prayer in a different way.


1)  You may wish to repeat the exercise we did on Sunday. Have somebody read Acts 1 : 1- 11 slowly, a couple of times. Seek to enter in imaginatively, see the sights, hear the sounds, feel the walk up the hill etc. How do you encounter the Lord in doing this?


Alternatively, you could take the same approach to John 21 : 1 – 14


2) Have somebody say the Lord’s Prayer, phrase by phrase. Allow space after each phrase, for people to pray their own prayers, as prompted by that phrase.


Depending on the size of the group, divide up, so that there are no more than 5 in each sub-group.


3) In pairs

            Share one situation concerning another person (family, neighbour, friend etc.) that you are concerned for. Pray together for that situation.

Then pray personally for each other, with laying on of hands. If you find that difficult, pray “Lord will you bless my brother/sister n , and strengthen them to follow you more closely.”


4) This month’s material from Jo follows. Pray through this as a whole group, or in sub groups,




This month, to pick up on David’s message from 29th May and to pray around some of the things he spoke about looking ahead to the next few months, he talked about  All Saints not being “our church” but “God’s church” and encouraged us as “living stones” to love one another and to discourage and pray against destructive things.


Specific things to pray for:

Ourselves (as the “living stones”) to grow in love for each other, to love those who disagree with us (and with whom we disagree)

God’s help to enable us to encourage and support each other, especially those with leadership roles:

·         Cell Leaders and co-ordinators

·         Leadership Team

·         PCC

·         Liz and Steve

·         Neil and James

·         Those who will be leading worship

Pray for wisdom and discernment for those who will be making decisions regarding the future of All Saints – pray for nothing other than God’s will to be done.


5) Have a period of silence to wait on, and listen to the Lord. Share what He may have said.