What do you think of in response to the phrase, “empty space”?




Needs versus greeds

Reading Luke 11 : 1-13




1)  Sue is currently on job-seekers allowance – has put the phrase, “empty space”, and the whole idea of having “enough” in a new light for her.


2) There is a pattern to the Lord’s Prayer which addresses the human condition



3) We experience emptiness, and need to supply our lack.


4) Parable of asking neighbour for food - persistence – be bold – He’ll give what we ask for – so ask for much.


5) His best gift is The Holy Spirit, who enables us to live God’s way.


6) Emptiness can mean we plunge into greeds, instead of living God’s way – e.g. money, alcohol, shopping, sex, relationships. All legitimate, but go wrong if used to fill inner emptiness.


7) The illusion of, “I have enough, but I want more – just because I want it!”


8) Jesus said Mat 13 : 22

     Paul said Philippians 4 : 12 & Ephesians 5 : 18


9) 4 closing suggestions :-





1) Read the passage, and look up the verses referred to. What strikes you most? What did God say to you through the message on Sunday?


2) How do you / have used some of the things Sue suggested to fill emptiness in our life? How successful is / has that been?


3) How much is enough?


4) Do you welcome the credit crunch?